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CancerBACUP is Europe's leading cancer information charity. They provide information and support services for cancer patients and their families.

The Issue

CancerBACUP wanted to provide information to teenage cancer patients, and encourage them to share their experiences, having identified a real lack of cancer information written specifically for this age group. The rarity of teenage cancer means that young cancer sufferers often feel isolated, and are unlikely to get to talk to others in a similar position. It was important that the site communicated very specifically with teenagers, about issues that affected them.

The Solution

An extensive consultation phase with teenagers ensured that the content, interactivity and graphic design of the site really reflected what they wanted. Jamkit worked closely with CancerBACUP to develop Teen Info on Cancer, www.click4tic.org.uk, a cancer information website tailored specifically to teenagers' needs.

Teen Info on Cancer allows teenage patients to express their views and experiences through online profiles, stories and tips, as well as submitting confidential medical questions directly to a team of trained nurses. The safety of teenagers online has also been as important consideration and a number of moderation and approval steps have been put in place to ensure this.

The Result

Teen Info on Cancer was officially launched on 11th May 2005. The new site aims to increase the information flow and interactivity between teenagers affected by cancer, enabling them to gain an understanding of their illness and learn more about how to deal with surrounding issues, and giving them a place where they can share their views and communicate with people their own age and in similar situations.


  • Site targeted at teenagers
  • Members contribute to the site to share experiences
  • Range of controls to ensure members' safety and content relevance


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