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Poplar HARCA is a Housing Association.  They  own and manage over 4,700 homes in the Poplar area of London and have a social regeneration programme,  run through a network of neighbourhood centers.

The issue

Poplar needed a site that was easy to update, manage and maintain as IT staff were spending most of their time working on the website that residents rarely used.

The solution

Jamkit designed and produced a content-managed site that was more accessible to users, and which could be updated quickly and easily by office staff. The site has recently been updated with a bright and lively new look to appeal to residents and restructured to ensure it delivers key information about services, contacts and advice.

The result


Poplar now see the site as a valuable way of showcasing the work being done throughout Poplar, and of communicating with local residents by providing more online services.



  • Increase in user numbers
  • Approval from the Plain English Campaign
  • A site that appeals to the target audience


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