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Arthritis Care is the UK's largest voluntary organisation working with and for people with arthritis. By providing a range of information and services, the organisation aims to support people with arthritis in living their lives to the full.

The Issue

Arthritis can be a very isolating condition. Arthritis Care wanted to update their website to provide a more relevant and useful resource to the nine million people with arthritis in the UK. The new site reflects their commitment to involving users in all their work, encourages an active online community, and supports their regional membership network of 350 branches and groups.

The Solution

Jamkit and Arthritis Care carried out extensive consultation with people with arthritis representing a wide range of ages and backgrounds, including those with visual and mobility disabilities. Questionnaires were also sent to over 250 people, as well given to all Arthritis Care staff. Feedback from people with arthritis was used to define the features included in the site, navigation and graphic design elements, as well as content.

The Result

The site has a strong emphasis on community. In addition to a discussion forum, providing peer support at any time of day or night, it features a comprehensive ‘In Your Area’ section. A map is used to navigate to your area. Staff in each region will update information on local campaigns, events, contact details and sources of information.

The response from people with arthritis, staff and volunteers is very positive. One volunteer commented:

 ‘I’m really excited about the new site. Making contact with others will be really useful – especially for those who feel quite isolated by their condition’.


  • User-led design reflects organisation’s values and ways of working
  • Strong local emphasis to encourage active membership
  • Accessible to all, including those with disabilities affecting movement
  • Information about living with arthritis that is relevant and accurate
  • Regionalised content including Welsh language pages

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