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The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) promotes greater awareness of business and human rights issues via an online resource centre and library which includes more than 50,000 links to a wide range of published materials.

The issue

The website is the Centre's only forum, so it is essential that it accurately reflects the organisation and provides a good, reliable service for users. BHRRC was a new organisation still establishing its identity, with few resources to devote to its busy website. Keeping the site up to date was time-consuming, and it was difficult to find information.

The solution

The new site is user-friendly, functional and professional, with high usability and accessibility standards. Webfactory software means that BHRRC can now update the site quickly and easily, so staff can focus on managing the high volumes of data that pass through their office each day.

More people can now be involved in managing and contributing to the site. The whole site has been relocated to BHRRC's server, so it can now be updated from anywhere in the world. The new set-up will also support the development of different language versions of the site.

Advanced search capabilities - including searches by keyword and related topics, cross-category searches and indexing - have made the huge amount of information on the site more accessible. We also added other online functions including a subscription service which enables BHRRC to charge corporate users for live email alerts, and to provide a free weekly email alert for their mailing list of 10,000 journalists and NGOs.

The result

BHRRC's website is the only corporate social responsibility site of its kind, and has quickly become the world’s leading resource on the subject with reports on over 1,000 companies in more than 160 countries. BHRRC has secured new funding, and tripled its site traffic to more than 45,000 visitors per month.

"Its halved the time it takes to add new materials to the site. We’re now able to say we update the site hourly "

- Chris Avery, Director


  • Information can be updated hourly
  • Site can be edited from anywhere in the world
  • Advanced search facilities provide pathway through huge amounts of information
  • Subscription service first step towards self funding

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