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Cancerbackup is the only independent national charity that specialises in providing high-quality information on all types of cancer.

Cancerbackup wanted to extend the reach of their cancer information service to hospitals by providing a ‘kiosk’ version of their current website. They wanted to increase the accessibility of quality assured information at point of delivery for cancer patients, their family and friends

Jamkit developed a parallel version of Cancerbackup’s website and presented it in a way optimised for touch screen kiosks. The design was restructured, a keyboard added, buttons used instead of links and dropdown menus removed. A new, ‘email this page’, feature was added to allow users to email a link to the page on the Cancerbackup website, so they can look at the same information online later, or share the information with a friend.

The kiosk site, created using Webfactory, acts as an extension of the Cancerbackup website, which means it’s automatically updated whenever information is changed on the main site. All the information sections of the Cancerbackup website are available, including over 4,000 pages of evidence-based cancer information and over 1,200 cancer Q&As.

The new touch screen kiosks are being piloted in hospitals this year.

“We’re always looking at different ways to extend access to our information, and internet linked kiosks mean that we can offer the same high quality up to date content as we do on our website. The interface has been specifically designed for ease of use in a kiosk and complies with current accessibility guidelines.”

- Lucy Ashman, Online Development Manager, Cancerbackup

Key points include:

  • Kiosks will give cancer patients immediate access to all information published by Cancerbackup
  • Kiosks provide information to those who do not have access to the internet or are unable to use a computer
  • Kiosks are automatically updated whenever information is changed on the main site

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