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Carers UK is the leading campaigning, policy and information organisation for carers. They are a membership organisation, led and set up by carers in 1965 to have a voice and to win the recognition and support that carers deserve.

The issue

Carers UK felt that their website did not reflect their organisations status and wanted an ‘eye-catching’ site that would improve the involvement of carers, and deliver their message across to its key audiences – carers, decision makers and professionals working with carers.

The solution

We provided a series of interconnected websites - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales plus an independent Welsh language version, using the Webfactory.

We kept the solution simple and cost effective by reusing Webfactory software for the creation of each additional site, allowing each site to contain shared and region-specific content.

The result

Reusing the Webfactory software reduced the costs which would usually be involved in the creation of 5 individual sites.

The network of interconnected websites now gives each region the freedom to publish relevant information on the website whilst maintaining consistency across the Carers UK brand.

Users of the website have found it easier to navigate and access relevant information.

"The website is excellent, my first thought was fantastic!"

- Carer

"Thank you. At last a new easily accessible website.’

- Carer

Carers UK have found that the new interconnected website has improved the overall operation of the organisation.

The site now reflects Carers UK’s organisational status with a new look which is kept consistent across the nations.

  • In the first week of the new website, more carers signed up for the e-newsletter than in the previous 8 months
  • Increased online response to campaigning events
  • Users can now easily access relevant information

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