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Jamkit takes pride in producing usable sites. We do not place form over content. We know that users don't want to wait 50 seconds to see a flash movie intro page. We get users to the information they require as quickly as possible.

Our project process is carefully designed to take you through all the steps necessary to make sure we meet the needs of your site visitors. Our Webfactory software has been designed with a user focus from the start, and is regularly revised in response to user surveys. Our design process takes account of the latest research and best practice from current usability studies.

Where necessary, we arrange for your website to undergo extensive user testing. We can give detailed analysis and reports on a wide range of measurements, from exactly where on a page users look, to how they feel overall about your site.

What is Usability?

The concept of Web Usability is borrowed from Engineering.

Usability is the art and science of designing interactive systems that are:

  • Easy to learn
  • Efficient to use
  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Pleasant to work with

It provides design principles and methods that are both simple and effective and works for systems ranging from web sites to flight decks via digital cameras. Although usability is rooted in sciences such as cognitive psychology and software engineering, it is essentially a practical business, concerned with users as people. User-Centred Design, the most popular approach to usability, actively involves real users throughout the design process.

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