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Most people agree that maintaining a website is an ongoing task, but many are caught offguard by just how quickly the task can grow - often ending up being more costly than building it in the first place. As more and more people use your website, the number of updates can only grow, and information that appears out of date could send customers elsewhere.

Paying your site designers a retainer to be available for updates is one option, but experience has shown that this becomes extremely frustrating - every change must be explained to someone who isn't perhaps as familiar with the site as you, and the changes can rarely be done as quickly as required.

This is why content management is so important to incorporate into a site right from the start. Not only does it ensure that you can update your site as quickly and as often as you need, without affecting any of the graphics or site structure, but it means that your web site will grow with your needs into the future.

What is Content Management?

By Ovum

A set of tasks and processes for managing content throughout its life from creation to archive.

By Forrester Research

A combination of well-defined roles, formal processes and supporting systems architec- ture that helps firms contribute, collaborate on, and control page elements such as text, graphics, multimedia and applets.

By PriceWaterHouseCooper

A coordinated solution that includes integrated systems and processes that provide global access to and management of a common pool of digital assets. These digital assets are used share information between a company and its customers, employees and business partners.

Jamkit believe that Content Management should free you from suppliers, and enable you to use your website in a way which suits you.

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