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Tackling Drugs is a national, cross-departmental government website for people working in the prevention and treatment of drug use.

The issue

The site provides a wide range of information to a diverse group of users. It includes publications, a directory, campaign resources and press releases, with much of the content stored in a members-only area where drugs professionals can collaborate in discussion forums and quickly access key statistics and documents.

The solution

We developed the site using Webfactory, which allows editors with no technical training to have complete control over all aspects of the content. Webfactory makes sites easy to maintain, and automatically generates pages that comply with the government's e-GIF standards .

The site makes extensive use of keywords to provide cross-referenced data. For example, when a user selects a document in the 'Reports and publications' section, related content from other areas of the site is automatically displayed. Bulletins are also tagged with keywords and stored in a printable, searchable archive. Other features include automatic indexing of new content and advanced searching and printing facilities.

The result

Since the site was launched, we have been continually improving it to ensure that it meets its users' needs. We added a monthly email bulletin system to alert users to new content, significantly increasing the number of staff logging on.

'Approachable, reliable - Jamkit have added a great deal of value by their understanding of our marketing requirements and audiences. They take a considered approach before offering their proposed solutions. The drugs.gov website has been hugely improved since Jamkit became involved.'

- Tim Walker, web team member

'I've been impressed with how Webfactory can be extended - the flexibility has been essential. Jamkit have a very good mix of technical and communications skills.'

- Will Parker, project manager


  • Targeted email newsletters and members-only areas
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Specialised publications section
  • Popular news, events and links section


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