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The following may answer some of your questions about the Webfactory. If you have support questions relating to the Webfactory, see the Support Section.

How many pages can I have?

Within reason, as many as you want! There is a 50Mb size limit on Quickstart sites, but in practice this translates to 2500 pages - and none of our clients have ever reached this limit!

How fast is the Webfactory?

You are looking at a Webfactory site right now. The Jamkit site is built using the Webfactory, and is hosted on the same server as most of our Quickstart clients.

Can I have multimedia on my site?

The Webfactory can be used to present streaming video, flash, audio and more. However, these features are priced separately from the Quickstart package.

Can I use the Webfactory on my existing site?

Yes. Sometimes we need to make very small changes to your layout to make it work well with the Webfactory.

Can I use my existing web space?

Probably not. The Webfactory offers a number of advanced features (such as search) which are impossible to install on basic hosting solutions provided with most ISP accounts.

There are two solutions to this problem. The easiest is to host your Webfactory site with  Jamkit - this means you keep all the functionality of the Webfactory, and the peace of mind that experts are looking after it. Alternatively, if you have a machine and connection suitable for hosting your website, we will help you install the Webfactory there.  Finally, the Webfactory can publish pages to basic webspace, but without the benefit of search facilities and forms.

Can I have members-only pages?

Yes. You can have different types of member (for example, 'Director' and 'Manager') and give them access to different sections of the site.

What are the technical details of the Webfactory?

The Webfactory is built using Zope Corporation's Zope Application Server and their CMF product. These use the programming language . The entire application can be hosted on Windows, Linux, Solaris or Mac OS X. If you'd like more detail, please contact us.

How stable is the Webfactory?

Because we use the same system in all of our projects, you can have the confidence that 2 years' constant deployment and testing implies. Furthermore, this means that if we find a problem on one site, we are able to fix it for all our clients' sites - giving you the benefit of thousands of users testing the same code.

Many of our competitors write partially or completely new systems for each client, giving them far less confidence in the code that has been produced.

Does the Webfactory do...?

If you want a specific feature, please ask us. In the past, we have implemented everything from automatic Word document creation to email list managers, so we may already have something which fits your requirements. If not, we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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