Arthritis Care harnesses the Benefits of User Involvement

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The launch of the site will coincide with the Arthritis Care Awareness week, which runs from 22nd April to the 28th.

The site is produced by Jamkit, the web development company for charities which specialises in creating websites based on user needs.

Arthritis Care conducted a number of face to face discussion sessions with a panel of volunteers representing a broad range of people affected by arthritis, to find out what they wanted from the site. Questionnaires were also sent to over 250 people, as well given to all Arthritis Care staff.

‘Nine million people in the UK have arthritis and there is a huge demand for high-quality, reliable information and support. But it has to be relevant,’ said Kate Llewelyn, Arthritis Care’s head of information services. ‘We have acted on what people want and have developed a site which offers a range of ways for people to learn more about managing their condition and share experiences with others.’

Jamkit used this research to create a user friendly site, including interactive features that provide its audience with the information and services they require.

This website has a ‘real life’ focus. It features personal stories and photographs of people with arthritis, including some of the volunteers involved in its redesign. One of the most important features is the new discussion forum, which gives people living with arthritis an opportunity to express their opinions, share their experiences and pass on tips to others.

The site also includes up to the minute topical news, campaigns and treatment information, as well as separate sections for people newly diagnosed, local Arthritis Care groups and for younger people living with arthritis.

The new website allows Arthritis Care to continue putting people with arthritis at the heart of their work and empowering them to take control of their arthritis and their lives.

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