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The London Housing Foundation (LHF) is a charitable foundation which supports homeless charities by organising grants, training and subsidised offices.

The issue

Most of LHF's limited resources - it only has one full time employee - were being spent on responding to individuals looking for help and advice about housing, rather than organisations looking for grants. It therefore needed a site which could direct people to relevant housing organisations, as well as providing grant information. LHF was also keen to develop an online 'experience bank' of materials and information they use in their work with other organisations.

The solution

Using Webfactory, we provided a simple solution very quickly. LHF has now moved most of its communications online, enabling it to manage the virtual organisation more efficiently. The site is easy to update and has the potential to extend its functionality later on, as the needs of the organisation evolve.


The result

The new site has helped LHF achieve their stated goals - such as creating the online 'experience bank' - and cut the number of queries requiring a response by mail. It is also flexible enough to accommodate anticipated changes in the sector.

'The ability to make changes immediately is excellent, and Jamkit provides a good backup service - flexible and responsible.'

Kevin Ireland, Executive Director, London Housing Foundation


  • Streamlined communications
  • New online 'experience bank'
  • Can adapt to meet future requirements

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